Why Blast-Freezing is Best

Before we explain why we believe blast-freezing is best for the products we stock in our butchery, a quick explanation of what this actually means.

Blast-freezing is the freezing of food products in the shortest time and the lower the temperature, the better. Chilled air is therefore blasted over the produce at temperatures between -20’C and -38’C.

One of the biggest advantages of blast-freezing is the fact that bacteria that sometime occur in meat products, like e.coli and salmonella, are destroyed. The potential risk and harm to consumers are therefore removed.

Nothing but the best is good enough for our clients here at CFM Food Merchants. And that’s why we have chosen blast-freezing for our products as it not only ensures optimal quality, freshness and nutrition but also preserves the taste of the meat.

We dare you to put our blast-frozen products to that taste-test as we know you will be back for more…